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2007 Partnerships Between K-20 Presentations

  Don't forget to arrive early, seats will fill up fast.

Stream Videos and Mediacast (Cancelled)

Presented by Kim Whitley, Hobbs Schools

Hobbs Schools would like to show other districts how we stream videos from our web server what is going on in our district. To view how this is done check out
http://www.hobbsschools.net. Click on eagle tv/radio (on the left hand column), choose a video you would like to view

We have been streaming these types of videos for the past 4 years with great success. We used this technology to sell our last Mill Levy by streaming video of the projects needing repaired and new technology needs. Very Cool

Our ball games are streamed from our web site, eagle fans from all over the world listen to the radio feeds of live ball games.

We will also show MEDIACAST. Our district does not have a AV department, all videos are streamed through the network to the teachers deskTop than displayed through a digital projector. We have over 1,000 curriculum video’s digitized. To check this out please visit http://www.hobbsschools.net choose staff resources (across the Top), MediaCast. To look at our setup use, user name: terc, password: terc. Play videos from master server if you have any problems

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NMCIO General Meeting

Presented by: Tony Korwin, Alamogordo Public Schools

This will be a general membership meeting to conduct business, discuss current issues, and elect new board members.

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Teaming Course Design and Instruction

Presented by: Tom Ryan, Albuquerque Public Schools

Tom Ryan (instructor) from Albuquerque Public Schools and Jane Erlandson (designer) from UNM developed and taught an online course. They will share their perspectives in course design, support, instructional strategies, tools and other online experiences. Creative use of the quiz tool, discussion strategies, course rubrics, and grading tools will be discussed and shared. Audience feedback and discussion is encouraged.

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Filemaker Pro: A Database for NCLB and Open Enrollment

Presented by: Isaac Mitchell, Albuquerque Public Schools

Filemaker Pro provides the education IT community with robust tools for rapid development and implementation of challenging information technology based database solutions and applications. The No Child Left Behind act (NCLB) and open enrollment transfer policies presents an educational organization with complex data requirements and business rules that can be difficult and time consuming to integrate using traditional database solutions. Albuquerque Public Schools is the 26th largest public school district in the United States with about 90,000 students. Some 12,500 students are on NCLB or open enrollment transfers each year. This paper describes how Filemaker Pro was used to develop an NCLB and Open Enrollment system to support the district.

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Balancing the Equation: Teaching and Learning with the Next Generation

Presented by: Patricia Miller & Marcy Oxford, Las Cruces Public Schools

This presentation takes a look at the characteristics that set the
younger generation apart and the implications this holds for K-20 education. Three questions will be addressed: What are the needs of these students, what is our vision
for their education, and how do we address student needs through curriculum and pedagogy? The latest technological trends (blogging, podcasting, gaming, learning management systems, etc.) will also be highlighted and connected to classroom use.

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Going for Google

Presented by: Susie Bussmann, New Mexico State University

Google Earth, Picasa, Sketch Up, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, and the list goes on and on…. These are just a few of the free Google resources available at Google Educator (GE) and other Google websites that are readily available for K-20 educators and their students.

This presentation will provide an overview of a variety of Google resources. Examples of how teachers are integrating these resources into teaching and learning will illustrate their usefulness. Additionally, teachers will gain insight into the Google Educator professional learning community.

By the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Learn about the many free classroom resources at Google for Educators (GE)
  • Understand how educators are using GE tools in innovative ways in their classroom
  • Learn about the GE professional learning community and other teacher resources

Participants will also take away from this presentation handouts highlighting the Google Educator Tools and other Google resources with ideas for their integration into teaching and learning.

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Find the “successful” Writer in EVERY student!

Presented by: Andrea Fletcher-Gill, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary

We have long recognized the achievement gap for "some" students with writing skills. This hands-on session will show you how the Writer engages students and produces better writers. For many students, removing the physical and cognitive barriers that paper and pencil present is the key.

The Writer is a simple and mobile writing, keyboarding, and assessment tool. It offers struggling students in resource, ELL programs, and emerging writers in general education, a tool that reduces the gap between a successful and a struggling writer.
Research shows mobile writing tools increase language scores, improve the six traits of writing, and also engage students. Mobile writing and keyboarding skills are required for the 21st century. What mobile alternative do we have to lapTops? Come SEE!

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Birds of a Feather - NM Distance Education Practitioners

Facilitated by: Debby Knotts, University of NM & Paul Romero, High Plains REC #3

K12 and higher education interested in participating in a Bird’s of a Feather to share experiences in supporting e-learning. We hope you join us!

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The IDEAL-NM & Cyber Academy Act: An Implementation Update

Presented by: NMLN Core Team: Susie Bussmann (RETA), & Veronica Chavez-Neuman (HED), & Jim Holloway (PED), & Brian Ormand (NMLN), & Tom Ryan (CTE)

In October of 2006, Governor Bill Richardson announced the Innovative Digital Education and Learning initiative. Also, the NM Legislature drafted and passed the Cyber Academy Act (SB209) in the 2007 legislature. The appropriated funding for these initiatives became available in July of 2007. The NM Learning Network, the Higher Education Department, the Public Education Department, and several of CHECS ETC institutions have been working on the implementation of these initiatives. This panel presentation provides an update on this implementation including a discussion of the overall goals, primary planning documents, and the future activities/plans.

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